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The Water is My Sky

A Feature Documentary by Brian Tremml & Kiel Nowakowski
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THE WATER IS MY SKY aims to explore the world of elite competitive swimming through the stories of three swimmers from three different generations chasing their dreams of one day becoming the best swimmer in the world.

In the span of a decade the town of Middletown, New Jersey, produces two Olympians, both undersized athletic superstars and both in the sport of swimming. Tom Wilkens and Connor Jaeger each make significant improvements late in their careers, which propel them to the top of America’s swimming rankings as they prepare to graduate from college. By pursuing careers as post-collegiate professional swimmers, both encounter the struggles of reaching the pinnacle of success in a sport outside of the mainstream landscape. Rather than chasing fame or fortune, Jaeger and Wilkens revel in the opportunity to test themselves against the best in the world and push the limits of their potential.

Meanwhile, a shy teenager and top-ten ranked collegiate swimming prospect for her national class, dreams of one day swimming on the world’s biggest stage. As she maneuvers her senior year of high school, she attempts to attract the eyes of prominent college swimming recruiters with hopes of earning a scholarship to a program that will help her to reach her goal. As she encounters both success and failure in the pool throughout the year, and the realities of the difficult road that lies before her begin to set in, she contemplates whether her dream is truly attainable and also confronts the prospect of a life beyond swimming.

THE WATER IS MY SKY concludes not at the Olympics, but in their aftermath, once the sport has disappeared from headlines, and times, places and records that once seemed important have all been forgotten. What endures is the water, the singular component bonding all swimmers to one another.