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The Pitch at Industry Days

The Pitch at Industry Days is an annual event at which a selection of narrative feature film projects are pitched in front of a live audience and a panel of industry judges during the Industry Days portion of the 2018 Chicago International Film Festival. Now in its fourth year, The Pitch at Industry Days has established itself as a leading industry showcase spotlighting bold, original work from the Chicago region




Case Unsolved ***PITCH WINNER***

Loving husbands Riz and Owen enjoy some seemingly harmless nostalgia when they dial a hotline number they remember from a spooky 1980s docu-series called Case Unsolved, but they’ve summoned a ghost featured on the old show and must work together to stop her from killing people.

Director: C.J. Arellano Producers: Becca Stahl, Taylor Witten, Mark Burns


Plain Jane

When button-up L.A. morning news anchor Jane Wilson land the network job of her dreams, she must return to her Bible Belt hometown to make sure a salacious secret from her past doesn’t destroy her future.

Director: Jacquelyn Jamjoom Producers: Steven A. Jones, Jacquelyn Jamjoom, Keely Wise

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The Limits of Vision

The Limits of Vision is a "diary-of-a-mad-housewife" story featuring Marcia, a twenty-something South Londonite, whose fanciful notions about dust and dirt take a dark turn when she hosts coffee morning. This animated feature based on the novel by Robert Irwin tackles themes of art, metaphysics, obsessive compulsion, and second- wave feminism.

Director: Laura Harrison Producer: Eugene Sun Park


The Men Who Angered God

To avoid wrongful incarceration, an immigrant woman flees to a safe haven on the U.S./Canadian border. Her sanctuary becomes a living nightmare when she is subjected to a series of bizarre genetic tests by the fanatical religious cult that runs the facility.

Director: Hamzah Jamjoom Producer: Patrick Wimp


The Thieves and Their Friends

When a robbery is interrupted, two thieving brothers find themselves entangled in the lives of a struggling, thirty-something Los Angeles couple and a sudden tragedy changes them all.

Director: Haroula Rose Producers: Grace Hahn, Shane Simmons