L-R: Monica Zaffarano & Colin Costello


Hitch Slapped is about a popular social media influencer named Jane, who is about to have her perfectly planned Valentine's Day Wedding televised and live streamed on a reality show called, "Bride or Die." During the rehearsal, a large white tail buck charges in from the forest, knocks her oh-so-wrong fiance, Norman, out and runs off with Jane's heirloom wedding band on its antler. After several tries to recover the ring, her only option is turn to the town's Sheriff, Woody, whose only goal is to keep the small town of Perfect calm during Jane's wedding circus and an upcoming annual deer hunt. With the TV network demanding Jane to still have a wedding, she has no choice but to set out with Woody into the forest to find the deer. Now, with time running out, Jane must must retrieve the expensive heirloom or her wedding will be a disaster before millions.


Date of event: September 24, 2018

Writer: Colin Costello

Director: Monica Zaffarano


Mike McNamara...Narrator

Marilyn Bass....Jane

Zach Sorrow...Sheriff Woody

Valerie Banks...Maxine/Nene

William C. Thompson...Mortimer/Herb/Clint

Charles Toney-Jones...Doc ChuChip/TV Announcer/Walter

Arianna Lexus...Hollis/Bambi/Hottie

Elizabeth Kline...Ida/Norma/Townie

David Zarbock...Norman/Chet/BJ/Kirby/Host

Maddie Pell...Sculptor/Donatella/Reporter/Nurse/Anchor 1