Girl with child

In a small town in Ecuador, teenager Diana escapes from an institution for troubled girls with her toddler. The goal: to pick up her younger sister from their abusive childhood home and start a new life. But along the way, Diana ends up down and out and must figure out how to survive with her young son, whom she’s not even sure she wants. 

written and directed by Maria Abraham and produced by Luz Agudelo Gipson

Gabriel Ramirez – Narrator

Esme Perez – Diana

Johnathan Nieves – Javi

Charin Alvarez – Sra. Barillas

Maya Moravec – Lisi and Ingrid

Isabel Quintero – Pamela, Vero and Woman on Bus

Katie Barberi – Diana’s mom, Elsa and Pamela’s sister

Jorge Santos – Dr. Aguilar, Salesman & Policeman 1

Michael Dean – Javi’s Uncle, Policeman 2 and Ivan

Melissa Duprey – Estefania and Clerks/customer