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Cool: On Gwendolyn Brooks

Directed By: Shahari Moore

Cool: On Gwendolyn Brooks expands Moore's short documentary, Brooks People to both broaden and deepen the exploration of the impact of Gwendolyn Brooks. As the first Black person to win a Pulitzer Prize for Annie Allen in 1950, her work spans the 20th and 21st Century.

Cool: On Gwendolyn Brooks, also referred to as Cool, offers greater insight into Brooks' humanness as a wife, a mother and a friend. Cool also explores Brooks' literary activism as a world-class writer. Conceived by Writer/Director Shahari Moore, this rich tapestry skillfully weaves interviews, commentary and vintage footage of Brooks, along with her daughter Nora Brooks Blakely, Cornell West, Common, Sonia Sanchez, Haki Madhubuti, Joyce Owens, Donda West, Kanye West, Gregory Pardlo, H.A.G.L. and many more!