"Signature Move" and IFP Chicago Fiscally Sponsored Project 

Apply for Our Quarterly Screenplay Table Reading.

Submissions open January 15, 2018 | Deadline: February 5, 2018

IFP Chicago and SAG-AFTRA seek new narrative feature scripts in late stage script development to take part in a quarterly screenplay table read and feedback session. This new program was created to support SAG-AFTRA and IFP Chicago members in an effort to spark more, high-quality, completed work in the region. Our goal is to forge stronger connections between writers, filmmakers, actors and their respective communities.


Eligibility + Required Materials

Projects and teams must meet the following criteria:

  • A key team member must be a member of IFP Chicago or SAG-AFTRA Chicago.

  • The individual or company submitting material must either own or possess all rights contained within the material. If the writer/team is not the owner of the material, they must provide the necessary licenses.

  • Must be a narrative feature in late stage script development.

  • Able to be produced for less than $2.5M

  • Able to be locally produced:  more than 50% of the film locations must be in local territory:  Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, the eastern third of Iowa.

Projects will be required to submit the following information

  • Logline

  • Synopsis
  • A copy of the completed script
  • Character List and Description
  • Budget estimate
  • Project Timeline
  • Key Team in place, if any

Complete the online application form


IFP Chicago and SAG-AFTRA do not agree to include the submitted work in the event and may in fact choose a work that is similar to the submitted work. The Submittor understands and agrees that a submission of a work does not create a contractual relationship, implied or otherwise with IFP Chicago, SAG - AFTRA or any of these organizations sponsors or affiliates or any representatives or any of these organizations, sponsors, or affiliates, including but not limited to the programs’ readers, organizers, or other vendors associated with the program. By submitting you are waiving any legal claim against IFP Chicago, SAG-AFTRA, any representatives, sponsors, and/ or affiliates of IFP Chicago and SAG-AFTRA, including but not limited to breach of contract, implied or otherwise, right of publicity, and/or copyright or trademark claims.

[Screenwriter retains all rights to the material.]