"Signature Move" and IFP Chicago Fiscally Sponsored Project

At The Table is a quarterly table read event that IFP Chicago produces in partnership with SAG-AFTRA Chicago. This artist development initiative targets screenwriters with completed scripts who are beginning the process of finding collaborators and investors, and who are exploring casting possibilities. Our goal is to forge stronger connections between writers, filmmakers, actors, and their respective communities.


January 28, 2019: I Used to Go Here (Kris Swanberg)

I Used to Go Here revolves around a 35-year-old writer who gets mixed up in the lives of a group of college students after she’s invited to speak at her alma mater.

March 25, 2019: Later Days (Brad Riddell & Sandy Sternshein)

All Pam wants for her 40th birthday is to finally close a big business deal, have a nice meal, then maybe some sexy time with her husband. Too bad he invited EVERYONE on Facebook to a Surprise 80s Prom Party that lands her in jail.

June 16, 2019: Case Unsolved (CJ Arellano)

Loving husbands Riz and Owen enjoy some seemingly harmless nostalgia when they dial a hotline number they remember from a spooky 1980s docu-series called Case Unsolved, only to find that they’ve summoned a ghost from the old show and must now work together to stop her from killing people.


January 16, 2018: Girl With Child (Maria Abraham)

In a small town in Ecuador, teenager Diana escapes from an institution for troubled girls with her toddler. The goal: to pick up her younger sister from their abusive childhood home and start a new life. But along the way, Diana ends up down and out and must figure out how to survive with her young son, whom she’s not even sure she wants. 

March 26, 2018: The Year Between (Alex Heller)

A comedy about the year between Clemence’s earth-shattering diagnosis of bipolar disorder and her earth-shattering comeback.

June 25, 2018: Plain Jane (Keely Wise)

Plain Jane follows buttoned-up Chicago morning news anchor Jane Wilson. After landing the network job of her dreams, Jane returns to her Bible Belt hometown to make sure a salacious secret from her past doesn't destroy her future.

September 24, 2018: Hitch Slapped (Colin Costello)

Hitch Slapped is about a popular social media influencer named Jane, who is about to have her perfectly planned Valentine's Day Wedding televised and live streamed on a reality show called, "Bride or Die." During the rehearsal, a large white tail buck charges in from the forest, knocks her oh-so-wrong fiance, Norman, out and runs off with Jane's heirloom wedding band on its antler. After several tries to recover the ring, her only option is turn to the town's Sheriff, Woody, whose only goal is to keep the small town of Perfect calm during Jane's wedding circus and an upcoming annual deer hunt. With the TV network demanding Jane to still have a wedding, she has no choice but to set out with Woody into the forest to find the deer. Now, with time running out, Jane must must retrieve the expensive heirloom or her wedding will be a disaster before millions.




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