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"Signature Move" and IFP Chicago Fiscally Sponsored Project 

"Signature Move" and IFP Chicago Fiscally Sponsored Project 

Receiving funding is one of the most challenging parts of independent filmmaking. Many foundations, corporations and governmental grant making organizations restrict funding of independent projects to tax-exempt organizations (aka not-for-profits or 501(c)(3) organizations). IFP Chicago’s Fiscal Sponsorship program was created to assist members applying for these funding opportunities. By lending our non-profit status to select films and filmmakers, our fiscal sponsorship program allows members to apply for and receive funding that is unavailable to individuals. This allows contributions to fiscally sponsored projects to be counted as charitable deductions on Federal tax returns.

To participate in IFP Chicago’s Fiscal Sponsorship program, you must be a current member of IFP Chicago. Submitting an application does not guarantee fiscal sponsorship. The Fiscal Sponsorship Committee takes between four to six weeks to review an application. Projects accepted into IFP Chicago’s Fiscal Sponsorship program must first submit a completed application that will be reviewed by an unbiased work group comprised of members of the IFP Chicago Board of Directors. Any Board Member who has a pre-established relationship or bias towards an applicant will excuse himself or herself from the review committee. Applicants should be upfront and list any relationships to current IFP Chicago Board Members in the application.

Accepted projects are considered to be inline with furthering IFP Chicago’s Mission. 

The Fiscal Sponsorship program is open to current IFP Chicago members only. Members must be in good standing with IFP Chicago throughout the length of the sponsorship agreement.

Administrative Fees

Projects in the Fiscal Sponsorship Program are subject to the following administrative fee structure:

  • Most individual donations and grants: 5%
  • Grantors that require IFP/Chicago to administer and report on the grant: 6%
  • All Credit Card transactions: 6%

Please also note that filmmakers are responsible for any other applicable fees from third party services including, but not limited to bank charges, PayPal fees, and crowd-funding sites. 

IFP Chicago assumes no responsibility for the completion of the film, or the guarantee of such. The acceptance of funds is not contingent on this, and our administrative fees will be applied to any funds that we process, regardless of whether the film is completed. Remember, IFP Chicago does not fund your film, or assist in the fundraising for your project. We are here to facilitate contributions so that you and your donors can benefit from our fiscal sponsorship program!


"Membership in IFP Chicago has helped me and my projects in so many ways. The larger community of IFP members and supporters continues to intersect with my own organization's efforts, and I'm so thankful to have such a vibrant independent filmmaking organization in Chicago. IFP's fiscal sponsorship and support for Signature Move's Indiegogo campaign (we raised over $30,000!) was tremendous, and that support has continued beyond the formal crowdfunding campaign."

Eugene Park

Eugene Park Co-Producer, SIGNATURE MOVE

Eugene Park