IFP Chicago and the 52nd Chicago International Film Festival are proud to announce the six projects chosen for THE PITCH at this year’s Industry Days.  From a “period piece” set in a community radio station in Kalamazoo to a supernatural dramatic comedy set in the Hispanic community, this year’s six projects are a diverse and eclectic collection of independent feature films in development, representing unique voices from the Chicagoland area. “The Pitch” at Industry Days will take place from 2pm-6pm on Sunday, October 23 at Gallery at GreenRiver (259 E. Erie St, 18th Floor).

"The Pitch at Industry Days is designed to show the breadth of talented filmmakers working in Chicago” said IFP Chicago Executive Director Nicole Bernardi-Reis. “Chicago is experiencing an independent film renaissance, as both experienced filmmakers and new talent alike are making the city their creative home. Each project was chosen because they are filmmakers with a distinct viewpoint, a compelling story and wildly diverse approaches to filmmaking.”

The selected filmmakers include a veteran documentarian, a network showrunner, and experimental filmmaker making her first feature film. The selected projects are:

Birthday Suit - On Elaine's 55th birthday, she realizes that she is becoming invisible to her husband, her family and her town. So she decides to be seen in a radical way: she takes her clothes off, and doesn’t put them on again.

Director: Aemilia Scott.  Producer: Holli McGinley

Pitched by Aemilia Scott and Holli McGinley

Birthday Suit is Aemilia’s first screenplay. In September, the project was selected for IFP Film Week. Her first short, Best if Used By, won a BAFTA LA Award at Aspen, as well as honorary mentions from REGARD Quebec Film Fest and USA Dallas Film Fest. Aemilia’s second short, For a Good Time, premiered this year at Aspen.

Rantoul and Die - Rallis and Debbie’s marriage has reached its expiration date. In fact, it’s soured and stuck to the bottom of the carton. She wants him to pack his stuff and hit the bricks, but he’s clingin’ to the past like a cat on a screen door. How far will a man go to hang on to his lady fair? It’s a thin line between love and hate. A kiss and a punch. An ice cream cone and a beer bottle to the back of the head.

Director: Mark Roberts. Producer: Brett Hays, Jen Shelby, Luke Boyce

Pitched by Brett Hays and Jen Shelby

As a comedian, Mark Roberts appeared several times on The Tonight Show, as well as comedy specials on Fox, HBO, and Showtime. As an actor, Mark was seen on such shows as Seinfeld, Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Larry Sanders Show, The Practice, and was a series regular on The Naked Truth. As a writer, he has penned the stage plays Welcome to Tolono, Enter at Forrest Lawn, Whitey, Couples Counseling Killed Katie, Rantoul and Die, Parasite Drag, and Where the Great Ones Run. He also spent seven years as head writer and executive producer on Two and a Half Men, three seasons as an executive consultant on The Big Bang Theory and three seasons as creator-showrunner and occasional director on Mike and Molly.


If your project is selected, you must participate in a mandatory Pitch Preparation Session or receive individualized feedback provided by IFP Chicago.

IFP Chicago does not agree to produce the submitted work and may in fact choose a work that is similar to the submitted work. 

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