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Executive Producer - John C. Jointer
Executive Producer - Seneca Lester
Writer / Co-Producer - L. Michael Gipson
Dir. of Photography - Dru Montague
Editor - Chip Hess
Narrator - India Arie


A fresh, inspiring docuseries profiling independent artists who have overcome an extraordinary personal adversity in their pursuit of musical stardom.
Through intimate testimonials, first-hand narratives, and electrifying performances, Indie Soul Journeys answers the people’s call, by bringing to life the incredibly aspirational stories of musician mavericks who dared—despite unsettling fears and troubling trials—to persevere and live out their wildest dreams.

In today’s tough, fearful, and often divisive times, people embrace hope and seek out role models or blueprints for success despite seemingly impossible odds. They also desire meaningful, motivating connections, minimized feeling of divisions, and nourishment for their souls. We believe great music and profound storytelling does all three. 

Indie Soul Journeys is an interactive 30-minute docuseries devoted to the inspirational personal and musical stories of current and former independent soul, R&B, and urban alternative artists who are still following Black American Music traditions in the modern musical era.

Each episode will feature a successful independent music artist who has an inspirational story of personal triumph and documentable musical successes, incorporate live interviews, recorded music, videos, live performance, and nostalgic photos documenting the musical history of the artist to-date to reach a cross-generational audience of both ardent music fans and seekers of inspiring celebrity testimonials, and deliver viewers an inside view of the lives of independent music artists, their intimate stories, and an introduction to and highlights of their hits and most revealing stories set to music. 

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