House Manager

The CUFF House Manager (HM) is responsible for coordinating logistics and ensuring smooth theater operations during the festival. The HM maintains a high standard of guest service by serving as liaison for filmmakers, projectionists, theater staff and audience members.

Evening and weekend hours required. The HM is a seasonal position, part-time for the month prior to the festival but full-time during the festival week. The position runs May 1, 2018 - June 15, 2018. The HM reports to Artistic Director and Assistant Director and Executive Director.

The HM will prepare a festival wrap report and will coordinate a post-festival exit interview with CUFF’s Artistic Director and IFP Chicago’s Assistant Director.

Duties include, but not limited to:

  • Keep screenings on schedule: coordinate entrance and exit traffic and general crowd control.

  • Tech check all screenings prior with the filmmakers and tech director/tech staff

  • Coordinate filmmaker Q&As

  • Facilitate Intro/Q&A's as needed

  • Ensure that all attending filmmakers are recognized at their screenings

  • Upon request, return prints/files/drives/posters to attending filmmakers after screening

  • Coordinate distribution and collection of Audience Award ballots

  • Serve as point person for CUFF Jury on screening schedule and award ceremony details

  • Work with Volunteer Manager to schedule, train and manage theater volunteers.

  • Work with Box Office Manager to determine available seating for each screening and to determine availability of last-minute rush tickets sales.

  • Coordinate with the Assistant Director to ensure tech staff is hydrated and fed

  • Along with Tech Director and IFP Chicago’s Assistant Director, arrange for all festival items to be removed from the theatre within 3 days after closing night   


Skill Requirements:

  • Strong communication skills both publicly and in one on one situations

  • Attention to detail, time management, organizational and problem solving skills.

  • Knowledge of film, media and file management used in film projection helpful but not required

If you are interested in applying, send an email to with HOUSE MANAGER as the subject line, and attach your cover letter, resume and why you want to join the CUFF staff in the body of the email. An IFP Chicago staff member will contact you to set up an interview. CUFF is a program of IFP Chicago.