The Pitch Application

Thank you for your interest in The Pitch at Industry Days during the 53rd Chicago International Film Festival! Before filling out this application, be sure you have read the guidelines and eligibility requirements.

Submission Deadlines & Fees
Early Deadline: August 14 at 11:59pm
Late Deadline: August 28 at 11:59pm
IFP Chicago Members: FREE
Non-members: Early Deadline $25; Late Deadline $40

If your project is selected and you are not a member, you will be required to join IFP Chicago to participate. In this case, the submission fee will be applied to your membership fee. Want to join IFP Chicago now or need to renew? CLICK HERE.

In addition to this application, you will need to submit a pitch deck, pitch video and a copy of your script (see guidelines). Once payment has been received and application verified, we will send you a link to upload your pitch materials.

Please email info@ifpchicago.org with any questions. Use the subject "Pitch Application" followed by your name.


Primary Contact Name *
Primary Contact Name
Primary Contact Phone Number *
Primary Contact Phone Number
Project Status *
Screenwriter Name *
Screenwriter Name
Attached Director Name *
Attached Director Name
Attached Producer Name *
Attached Producer Name
Pitch Team Rep 1 Name *
Pitch Team Rep 1 Name
This will be the team that pitches during Industry Days. 2 members are recommended. No more than 3 pitch team members will be accepted.
Pitch Team Rep 2 Name *
Pitch Team Rep 2 Name
Team member 2 who will be pitching
Pitch Team Rep 3 Name
Pitch Team Rep 3 Name
Team member 3 who will be pitching
This does not need to be related to the proposed project but some similarity of genre/tone/format is preferable.
If applicable
If applicable
Affirmation of Rights *
By selecting this box, you are affirming that you have read the guidelines, meet all eligibility requirements, and have full rights to the script you are submitting for review.

Submission Fees:
IFP Chicago Members: FREE
Non-members: Early Deadline, August 14 at 11:59pm = $25
Final Deadline, August 28 at 11:59pm = $40

Final Deadline: IFP Chicago Competitive Pitch

Non-member, Final Deadline submission fee for the IFP Chicago and Chicago International Film Festival Industry Days Pitch Session. 

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